Sometimes it’s okay to ask for less.

Reed and I aren’t great at answering the phone.  If there isn’t a kid around to answer it for us we’ll often just pretend we don’t hear it ringing, unless we are pretty much sitting right on top of it.

Guess where I was sitting last night?

After noticing that it wasn’t a political call, or a call with 89 digits….a sure giveaway that there’s a spammer on the other end, I took a chance.

It was my Relief Society President calling to ask about visiting teaching.  With the change in my nursing schedule trying to visit the neighbors I have stewardship over wasn’t working.  I need to change to nights when Reed would be home to tend Parker.

She asked me a few questions.  No, it doesn’t matter who I visit or who my companion.  I actually get along with pretty much anyone.  (I know.  Shocker, huh?)

Then she asked the biggie:  “Would it be better for you if you only visited one person?”  Now, here is where I usually toss my super cape over my shoulder and reply that not to worry, but I could visit two people…..and well, even more if you needed me.

And I wonder why I often find myself in the nearest corner a quivering mass of what the hell have I just agreed to?

Inside joke.

Bottom line is that I love visiting teaching.  But right now trying to have two visits to make a month is overwhelming. (To be perfectly honest there are days when I have to fight myself to come up with the effort to simply get into the shower. I mean when I have 10 minutes of time not scheduled, who wants to waste it on a shower….I’d rather just have a moment to do NOTHING.)  One visit a month is do-able.  And will be enjoyable.

So, my fellow travelers on this road of special needs, I give you a nugget of eternal truth:

Sometimes it is okay to ask for less.

And this was one of those times.


PS:  All of the pictures used in this post came from Google.  Please don’t sue me.  Trust me all the puke and diarrhea that has been coming out of Parker is punishment enough.


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