Something(s) Fine for 2009

Most of you already know that Parker and I are the Managing Editors over here:

Special Needs Blog

But starting in January I’ll also be working behind the scenes over here:

Mom Blogs

You won’t see anything written by me, instead I’ll be the one trying to organize when all those amazing giveaways go live.

And don’t be surprised to see us show up every so often here too:

Mom Blogs

And you may even be able to catch a cameo or two from us over at soon too.

And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the amazing, talented, way out of my league (but a girl’s gotta have a dream) women over at might find it in their hearts to hire us on over at their place.


Because by hiring both me and Parker not only do they get a whopping two for the price of one….they get a Diva of all things special needs AND medically fragile.

And if THAT isn’t enough, I’ll even through in the promise to make my totally stolen images and turn them into usable buttons that actually take you to the specified site when clicked.

What more an online magazine could want I simply can’t imagine.

My blogging goals will always remain the same though:

To show others, firsthand ,
that a child with special needs is first and foremost a child.

Especially a medically fragile child with special needs.

Over 90% of all children prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome are still being aborted. Mainly out of fear of the unknown.

The what-ifs.

The I could NEVER do thats.

Fear is a funny thing. Introduce it to experience and whoosh! it can disappear into that space hidden between heartbeats.

And truthfully? I spend many nights worrying that when Parker does get healthy enough to run around and do all the things healthy little boys do, that there won’t be anyone who will want to do those things with him.

They’ll be afraid that he’s too different. They’ll be too uncomfortable. They won’t know how to act around him.

I worry that he’ll never experience such simple things as:

birthday invitations.

regular play date inclusions.

valentines and secret crushes

the thrill of being chosen for a team

Not the out of pity kind. But the kind that comes with the same desire and excitement all the other kids receive.

Cause, trust me. We’ll know.

I worry that other parents just won’t have the time to include a kid like mine with a kid like theirs.

So I try to share how much Parker is just like every other four year old.

Except, you know, different at the same time.

But still just as amazing.

And capable.

I find my today’s prayers asking that Parker’s tomorrows will include many in our community willing not only accept, but to welcome, embrace, and include.


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