So, what are you feeding YOUR kid?

Parker is almost 5.  (November 19th!)  He weighs 29 pounds. (sigh)  He grows taller, but not wider.

His diet consists mostly of 4.5 cans of Pediasure a day, directly into his tummy via his g-tube.

Day after day after day after day.

We noticed a big difference when we started  him on oral feeds each morning.   I was taking things like butternut squash, roasting it with lots of olive oil, and then adding fresh herbs from my garden.  I’d even make up pots  of pinto beans and make refried beans using organic butter.  I’d pop everything into the Vita-Mix, make individual servings in ice cube trays and freeze the leftovers for later.

The difference this made in Parker’s health was visually noticeable.

I’ve had to stop any and every thing I was giving Parker orally.  I’m still spiking his Pediasure with fresh, organic fruits and veggies.  Until we have all this testing done for swallow issues and refux issues I’ve got to be careful about what I put into the kid in order to protect his lungs.


Parker’s daily Pediasure spiked with organic frozen plums from my neighbor’s trees.

But it hasn’t stopped me from thinking about nutrition and blenderized diets.   I don’t think your body was designed to eat the exact same thing day after day after day.

Especially when that exact same thing comes out of a can.

I’ll be the first to tell you that most, if not all doctors I’ve spoken with tend to brush my concerns aside telling me that formulas such as Pediasure were created to deliver complete, balanced nutrition.

But I’m not sure that it delivers optimal nutrition.

Nutrition with enough ‘umph’ to help fight off illness.

Nutrition that Parker can digest well enough to glean all those nutrients from.

Nutrition from which Parker can grow.

Right now it is pretty obvious that the volume we need to feed Parker to simply keep him where he is at weight wise is more than his tummy can handle.   We know he has reflux issues, and we know he aspirates on liquids the thinness of Pediasure.

But what do I know?  I’m just Parker’s Mom.

The one who’s heart is tied around this kid’s health and happiness.

What do you feed YOUR kids?  Anyone working with a blenderized diet?  I’d like to find others working with the issue of nutrition.

And in other news…………


Don’t tell me Parker is anything but a totally typical Hodson boy.


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