Simple Resolutions

The poppers have been purchased.  The bubbly is chilling. (.88 a bottle Gingerale. WAY cheaper than the sparkling juice.) The treats (Smith’s had their Christmas candy clearanced to .89 a bag yesterday!) are at the ready.  And the $1.00 a flick Redbox movies are starting to call my name.


That’s pretty much how we celebrate New Year’s Eve at the Hodson house.

Simple, but good.


That’s kinda how I’m feeling about New Year’s Resolutions too.

Keep them simple, but good.   Cause, really, what good is a goal you know you’re never going to follow through with?

On my list for 2010:

  • Laugh more.   It’s been a rough few years.  It’s time to bring the fun back.  My family deserves it.
  • Read the Book of Mormon.  Really study it.  Accept it’s challenges and hold tight to it’s promises. (Have you already started, Allison?)
  • Widen Parker’s world.  Allow him to experience a little of what  life offers outside of our home.  If you happen to see us out and about, feel free to come up and say ‘hi’, and maybe even trade stones with Parker.  AFTER you’ve applied a hefty dose of hand sanitizer of course.  (Hey, we’re talking baby steps here.)
  • Get my food storage room back up to snuff.   For those of you who have put off getting your food storage, make 2010 THE year for you too.  I can’t say enough about the blessings that come from putting food by.
  • Expand my garden and gardening skills.
  • We have a few home improvement things planned.  Of course at our house home improvement is code for ‘taking stuff nobody else wants and making beautiful with it.’  (Did I show you Rigel’s trash picked, new to us, book case?)
  • Yard sale, baby.
  • Flex my frugal muscles.  What comes after a black belt?  THAT’s what I’m aiming for.
  • Offer up more giveaways here at Praying For Parker.  I’ve received several excellent offers to work with some great companies such as Melissa and Doug. But with Parker’s surgery, Brant coming home and Christmas I’m way behind in replies.  Hopefully the offers are still good……whadda ya say Evan?
  • Vlog!
  • Take better care of me.  My health is important too.   I need to strongly focus on this in 2010.
  • Up the ante in Parker’s homeschooling experiences.  Share more of these experiences here.
  • Love more.  Remember to reach out to others more.
  • Give more thanks.  I am truly blessed.

and, finally……




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