Signing, Friends and Shutterfly

A good friend is a true gift.  They are there through the good time and the tough times.  They tolerate your weird and encourage you to do your best.   With a little help from Shutterfly,  a few of Parker’s friends got together to help inspire Parker to use his signs again.

signing friends

Julie, the Mama, asked me for a list of a few signs we are working to get Parker to use more often.  Then she gathered her boys and took pictures of them signing just for a certain Brave Hero.

signing friends shutterfly Even though we’ve never met in real life, Parker recognizes the members of this beautiful family from other pictures and Shutterfly books they have made for him.



We ALL know how much Parker loves his books, right?

Think about it, a book made by friends, full of pictures of friends signing and sending lots of love and encouragement.   The perfect combination to entice Parker to sign right back to them!   Friends that ‘speak’ your language.  Priceless.
ASL More

We all know that kids, in the desire to be like their friends, learn from their peers.  Parker may not be able to go to school, but he can still participate in peer learning by interacting with friends through a beautiful Shutterfly book to attain his educational goals.


Peer to peer learning is learning for everyone (Julie’s boys learned new signs!) by everyone (Parker learned that others use sign language too!) about pretty much anything.


I love learning the idea of connecting through the miles and learning from each other, informally, whenever the desire strikes.


We each have our own unique little treasure trove of knowledge.  When we share that knowledge with others whether in real life, blog posts or sweet books from Shutterfly, well, that’s peer to peer knowledge of the very best kind!

How do your kids participate in peer to peer learning?

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