September’s Sensory Table

There’s a lot of learning that can go on in a sensory tub.  Unfortunately, many teachers see sensory tubs as only a preschool/kindergarten activity.

You many remember my post on making your own Sensory Tubs on the Cheap.   Sensory tables don’t need to cost a lot.  Before I made this one, I just used an old Rubbermaid plastic container who’s lid I had lost.  I’d have Parker sit at the dining room table and explore away.

Through sensory tubs you can explore the seasons, address specific themes, introduce new concepts, and provide a fun and inviting way to offer learning opportunities to your child.


I started with just allowing Parker to get the feel of things….literally.  Parker is a true sensory seeker.  And this fits his bill perfectly.


While Parker still requires ‘hand over hand’ in these activities because of his hucking tendencies, the motions are his…..we just provide the protection from the pine cone flying across the room.  Hopefully he’ll grow out of this habit. 


Moving on to some transfering activities.  Here Parker is using a spoon to transfer a jewel from the sensory tub to another container.   Yeah.  My photography skills could use some help, eh?  Oh, well. 


Measuring cups, teeny measuring spoons, over sized tweezers are all great tools to include in a sensory tub.


Sorting pinecones and pumpkins.


Acorns and jewels.  We also sorted by attribute:  colored leaves. 


The patty pan squash was a great addition that allowed me to introduce Parker to the concepts of smooth (the actual squash) and rough (the stem).  I LOVE the look of excitement he gets when a light goes on in that adorable little head of his. 

Tell me about some of the sensory tub ideas you’ve come up with.  The more ideas the better!   And let me know how often you change out your sensory tables.  By season?  By monthly theme?


PS:  Some more ideas of what to put into those sensory tubs:  The Best Post on Sensory Boxes EVER. (maybe)


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