Scentsy Asks: Who’s YOUR Champion?

I’m always looking for companies that get it.  Companies that not only address their products to parents of typical kids, but to the special needs community as well.  Scentsy does just by asking; Who’s YOUR CHAMPION?

Scentsy's Champion Warmer

Last week, one of the guys trying to bring our shower back to life, asked me if Parker participated in the Special Olympics.  Seems this guy has been a coach for over 6 years and thought that having a little boy ‘as energetic as Parker’ on his team would be a great thing.  We both derived that Parker could run those bases in no time flat, with Reed running behind him with the oxygen bottle!  heh.

It’s always been a dream of Reed’s to watch Parker play in the Special Olympics.  True story.

This man working on our shower looked at Parker through the eyes of a coach not only used to adapting to the unique needs of a child, but as a person who truly appreciated and recognized that champions come in all shapes, sizes and chromosomal amounts.

My heart swelled with such pride and appreciation as it always does when someone truly understands the heart of my son.  A champion.  A fighter.  Courageous and strong.

For over 50 years the Special Olympics has celebrated everything that makes Parker a true Hero.

And this year Scentsy is helping to make the dreams of Special Olympians everywhere come true.

Each catalog season Scentsy offers a charitable cause warmer, and this catalog season the charitable cause proceeds will be donated to the Special Olympics.

And if that isn’t awesome enough, Scentsy is taking it even further:

“In honor of the Special Olympics World Winter Games, we’re doing a very special BOGO – Buy One, Gift One! For every Champion Warmer sold during the week of the Winter games – January 29th through February 5thScentsy Fragrance will gift a Champion Warmer to an athlete on Special Olympics Team USA and Team Canada, until every athlete receives one. Take a look at the Scentsy blog to learn more about the games and our special Champion BOGO!”

Don’t have a local Sentsy rep?  No worries!  You can Order Scentsy Online!

Just as Scentsy is asking, Parker and I are asking too; Who’s YOUR Champion.  I’d love to have you share with us in the comments section below!


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