Scenes from our weekend…….


Apricot Jam. Of the homemade variety.


It used to be orchard land as far as the eye could see around these parts.


Now many beg for people to come and take the fruit off their trees.

And I was more than happy to comply.

A little tip: Add two teaspoons of butter to your pot of jam along with the fruit, sugar, etc. This will prevent that annoying foam when it boils.

Other scenes from our weekend would include a sick kid.


Taking a midday nap with Reed.


The bond between these two are nothing less than eternal. And heartwarming beyond words.

I’m in the mood to hear YOUR stories of father and son (or daughter!) bonds. Share them in the comment section? I’d love to read them!

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  1. Unfortunately, I had the “father-daughter bond” with my mom. We have shared every moment together, whether it was going to doctor’s appointments or on the occasional shopping trip. We still do that to some extent, but now that I’m older, it just makes it even more special when the opportunity arises. It’s amazing how close a parent can get to their child, especially parents of children with special needs just because of the things that they endure together. It’s so sweet to see daddy bonding with Parker. I just melt when I see a daddy loving on his kids! So precious!

  2. Unfortunately, but fortunately, I meant to say. It was fortunate that I did have a bond with a parent, but my dad just didn’t have that bond with me growing up.

  3. kadiera

    I didn’t get along all that well with my father, but Alexander is always thrilled to see his daddy come home from work….and is right now napping on top of dad (who is also napping). They’re so cute :)

  4. Send me a jar… send me a jar NOW!!! :-D

  5. Hey Tammy, we are having a BBQ at my house tomorrow night because another DS mom is going to be visiting from California. We’d love for you to come. Let me know.

  6. Two teaspoons of what?

  7. jwg That would be two teaspoons of butter. Sorry!

  8. I’m so happy to hear what a beautiful bond Parker has with his Daddy. That is so very special.

    And that jam looks sooooo yummy!

  9. Beautiful jam. I haven’t made any this year, although I usually do.

  10. Yum! Those little jars are sooo cute! And that picture…it HAS to be framed it is so precious!

  11. Elijah adores his dad. He loves to copy dad, which just so happens to be great for his development (he’s learned how to gallop and stand on one foot this way!).

    PS. Thanks for commenting on my blog awhile back. I’m going to add you to my blogroll to keep up to date with you and Parker. :)

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