Saturday Update from room 3071

First, I must do a shout out for the Christmas Pixie that has been visiting our family.

Thank you.

You have made a very rough, kinda scary holiday hospital stay bearable.  My kids anticipate your nightly visits with great delight.

And marvel at your ability to beat feet so quickly after ringing the doorbell.

The pizza?  Perfect. Their favorite is Papa Murphy’s.  How’d you know?

However, you may want to bop Reed one for not bringing up a piece or two for me.  The food at the Rainbow Cafe is best when NOT ingested, ifkwim.


But seriously?

Thank you for bring a bit of joy and smiles to my kids’ faces, as well as mine and Reed’s.

And to be honest, Reed did bring me up the peanut M&Ms.

Well, most of them anyway.  heh.

Parker is off of the continuous Nubaine drip and on a bolus dose of pain killer every four hours.  He’s handling it really well.

We are getting the hang of venting the Nissen via the g-tube.

Only at a childrens’ hospital after a surgery to place a Nissen would you hear all of the people standing around the nurses station cheering and clapping each time your kid f*rts…….breaks wind……let’s one rip…….uh…….releases methane.

But this methane causes a lot of pain, and we really are glad to see it…..smell it go.

If there was an Olympic event for flatulence, my boys would each be Gold Medal winners.

Makes a Mama proud.


I’m having a very hard time trying to get the idea through the ENT resident’s head that the reason we had Parker’s trach stoma revised was to address the giant trach leak our Brave Hero was experiencing.  Now that the granulation tissue is gone, the trach stoma is TWICE as big as it was.

Yet this Resident is either too scared of his Superior,  or too damn arrogant to feel the need touch base with him, and wants to send Parker home with the same size of trach that he came here with.

But I KNOW Muntz wanted to adjust trach sizes. 

A proper sized trach stoma maximizes the efforts put forth by a ventilator.

Which is obviously a concept that our ENT Resident must have missed during his Trach and Vent 101 class.

Oh, well.  What would a hosptial stay be without at least one mind boggling This Resident Needs To Find A New Profession story?

Oh.  Wait.  I know the answer to that question.

A Miracle.

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  1. I’m so glad to see your spirits are upbeat. That in itself is a good healer for Parker. I’m so sorry to report that the boys and I had Papa Johns as well. Sorry. LOL

    Take care and I will continue to pray for Parker’s healing. I will also pray that you get a new ENT. Hee hee

  2. Man the ENT resident we had was the worst ever! Listen to this, I went into the bathroom to gather up my stuff because we were going home. He came in and knocked on the bathroom door!! Seriously, what if I’d been on the pot? “Uh exuse me, I’ll be right out” I was pretty ticked about that one.

    Oh, and the reason this baby has a death sentence is because she supposidly does’nt have all of her brain. I need medical records though, because I have friends that have kids like that, and they don’t do much. But she eats by mouth, tracks with her eyes, and makes baby noises. Go figure.

  3. Heather

    I’m so glad things are going better.

    Get one of the nurses on your side. Usually they can tell a resident off without too much repercussion… ;)


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