Saturday Sick

It’s been over two weeks now.

Two weeks of telling therapists not to come.

Two weeks of Moltrin, rocking,  and all kinds of goop coming out of all kinds of places.

We were told it sounded viral.  My other kids had the same stuff.

But my other kids are healthy now.

Parker…..not so much.

My plan was to take him into the doctor yesterday.  But when yesterday dawned and things got going, we looked at Parker and thought, I think maybe he’s getting better.

Today we think he’s not.


Grouchy. Very. Very. Grouchy.

Now it’s a question of whether to take him into after hours care or not.  It would have to be tomorrow because today’s after hours clinic are done.

But if he could wait until tomorrow, couldn’t he then wait until Monday?

Indecisive. That’s me.

Oh. And the washing machine bit the dust. It will fill up. It will wash. But spin, it will not. Too bad I didn’t know that BEFORE I stuck a giant load of dirty diapers in it, huh?

I guess you could say it’s sick too.

Here’s hoping that your Saturday is is going a little more sweetly than ours.


UPDATE: My fabulous hubby went online and did some research to discover how to fix the washing machine.  Seems as though someone has a tendency to let their bobby pins go through the wash.  Let’s see.  I don’t use Bobby pins.  Nor do Reed, Rigel, Brant or Parker.



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