Reed just made it back up here a little while ago. He is on Parker Patrol while I go and take a shower and sleep at home tonight. I thought about staying up here because I don’t sleep well when Reed and Parker aren’t home but I really need a shower and I just don’t do hospital showers. Nope. Nope. Nope. So I’ll come back up bright and early tomorrow morning to hang out with my littlest guy.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers. To be totally truthful being up here alone sucks. We are in a room so at least I have a place to sleep instead of hoping to snag a couch or some out of the way corner somewhere. I don’t have a car when I’m up here so I am stuck. And I’ll tell you there is nothing lonlier than being up here alone with a very sick litte one. But knowing that people are thinking of us and Praying for Parker makes such a huge difference.

Parker is on his 4th dose of IV antibiotics. He had his first transfusion last night. He made it on his CPAP for 5 hours last night. He’s only accepted 8 ounces of Pediasure since early yesterday morning choosing instead to exist on Pedialyte.

Parker will be going down for another chest x-ray as soon as they are ready. His right lung has started sounding ‘crackly’ so they want to get a good look at it.

I turned away two IV people who were trying to get a good stick for a blood draw on Parker, but just weren’t experienced enough yet. The IV team has been called, but they are so busy that it could be until later tonight that they actually make it up. This next draw is for a new BNP, crit and a food allergy screen. If the crit isn’t looking better they will do another transfusion.

If the BNP is worse I don’t know what I will do. I am very, very worried.

I also found out that the sedated MRI they have planned for Parker on Monday morning consists of sedating Parker, putting him into the MRI tube and then……….uh………..STOPPING HIS HEART SO THEY CAN SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN HE ISN’T BREATHING.


The anesthesiologist who is assigned to Parker Monday morning came up and talked to me about his hesitations with this procedure. Yup, now that is a way to reassure a Mom about STOPPING THEIR CHILD’S HEART. So I talked with the Pedi up here and asked her to make sure that this guy knew what he was doing since while this procedure has been performed up here before it is still really new and this anesthesiologist HAS NEVER DONE IT BEFORE. So the Pedi is going to touch base with the ENT and Radiologist and make sure we have the best possible setting for when we STOP PARKER’S HEART on Monday. There’s no doubt that we need to know what is going on with Parker’s upper airway, but I never in a million years thought a sedated MRI included bringing a child back after they had STOPPED HIS HEART. Holy Smokes.

Finaly, I just want to share with you that today is McCall’s 16th birthday. I am so sad that I wasn’t there this morning when she woke up. She is feeling pretty sad today. BUT unbeknownest to her tonight at 7:00 she will be going on her FIRST DATE. I don’t let my kids date until they are 16 and then only in groups. This very special young man called and talked with Reed and I and asked if he could take McCall out on her first date on her birthay. After intensely grilling this poor guy, Reed said yes. A group of friends will be going and having a pretty exciting evening tonight. I am SO thankful that I will be able to be home when McCall comes home so I can hear all about it, first hand. :)

My kids have all been wonderful since we’ve been up here. They have worked together getting things going on Parker’s Benefit Concert this Friday. When things get rough my kids will really pull together.

I am blessed.


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