Rocket Man….er….. kid.


If the number of times I’m having to haul Parker off the dining room table, kitchen counter tops, desks,  and the edge of my couches is any indicator, Parker may be beginning to feel a little bit better.

The kid should really have flames coming off his behind considering the speed with which he’s been moving.

I’m sure the steroids are a part of it, but I think just feeling better has to be a component too.  The giggles, using his signs again, and being his usual interactive self has got to be proof that he’s feeling a little bit better.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself, if you think differently, don’t burst my bubble, k?  heh.

Reed picked a 25# bucket of apricots for me yesterday.  I’ll be spending my tomorrow getting these into the dehydrator and freezer.  Totally organic and free for the picking is a beautiful thing my friends.

Life is good.  Well, except for loosing the money I was given for my birthday. (face palm)  Luckily it wasn’t money that was  needed for something like groceries or something for Parker.  I’m hoping that who ever found it really needed it and it was put to great use.  It lessens the sting of the whole thing some.  And really, we’ve been blessed in so many ways.

To be honest, having a Hero who seems to be on the mend is worth way more than anything mere money could ever buy.


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