Rion Holcombe, a young man with Down syndrome, is going to COLLEGE!

Rion Holcome, a young man with Down syndrome, is going to college.  Yup got his letter of acceptance and everything. You know, this really shouldn’t be a news worthy item.  It should be such an every day occurrence that people wonder WHY it’s blogged about or made such a big deal of.

Rion has been accepted into a program at Clemson University called LIFE, which is designed for students with “intellectual disabilities who desire a post-secondary experience on a college campus.”

My Curly Girly is at BYU trying to set up the same sort of experience for kids with intellectual disabilities there.  McCall is the FIRST person from the special needs program to be hold a seat on BYU’s student council.  When she came up with this idea, she hit about a zillion road blocks.  The most offensive being that BYU only accepts the best of the best.  ahem.

But my girl with the curly locks refused to let the issue dropped and found a few supporters in higher places than the nay sayers.

Don’t tell ME prayers aren’t answered.

It’s time for the world to acknowledge the potential of those with intellectual disabilities and recognize while not all of our roads are the same, each should carry the same respect.

Besides, doesn’t the tuition money of a person with intellectual disabilities spend just the same as anyone else’s.

Just sayin’.

Below is the video of Rion reading his acceptance letter.

Congrats, Rion!



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