Revised Plan # 987

We took Parker down for an x-ray which they introduced dye through both openings of his stoma and then took pictures of his insides. I wasn’t totally sure as to what I was seeing, but I have a bit of an idea. We will get more info from the surgeon later this evening.

As of last night it was decided that perhaps we will simply revise Parker’s stoma by putting this one back inside of him and then bringing out a brand new one. That is a very simplified way of describing it, but it gets the general idea out there.

And we will also go forward withe the g-tube surgery.

Right now the thought is to do the surgery on Wednesday. But I am concerned about the day after being Thanksgiving and a long weekend and there not being Parker’s regular doctors up here to oversee everything.

So now I am wondering if we should wait until after Thanksgiving to do this stuff.

What I would really like to do is just take this beautiful little guy of mine and run home. Home is where he belongs. Home is where he needs to be.

My sweet friend Kaylene came up last night to visit and bring a birthday gift up to Parker for today. He got to open it up this morning and had a blast playing with it.

We are going to have a big 3 (!) party after we are home from the hospital. It sucks celebrating your birthday up here.

Actually, it is pretty safe to say that it just pretty much sucks to be up here period.

Updated to add:

We spoke with the surgeon again this evening. While there were some good things seen on Parker’s x-rays today, it is still thought that it would be a better idea to replace the existing stoma so that a good, mature stoma was in place for Parker’s eventual Pull-Through surgeries.

There is a bit of a chance that Parker’s surgery could be done via a scope rather than laying his backside open, etc. This is still a technique in it’s infancy, and the whole idea will be run by Dr. Levitt, but it is, perhaps, an option.

There were a few other bright spots in the converstation and I feel very good with the plan.

ESPECIALLY the part that Parker just may be able to come home this weekend.

Yup. This weekend.

Ya-hooooo! :)

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  1. Poor Parker. Still praying for you guys.

  2. Hsppy Birthday Parker. I pray that this year holds health and much happiness.

  3. Poor sweet baby. Happy birthday beautiful boy!! I love you Parker and am praying for you and your whole family! I bought you a little book and want to get a couple other things too for your birthday. Also going to get the sweaters out. Much love and hope you can go home very soon feeling so much better :)

    Much love,

  4. Chris says:

    Wow. They do change their minds alot.
    The flip side of the Thanksgiving thing is that the OR staff and surgeons tend to be in really good moods before a holiday break. ;)
    Hugs to Mama and happy Bday Parker!

  5. Happy Birthday sweet boy. Hope you got our email and many hugs from us!

  6. Debbie says:

    OH, Tammy, ya hoo indeed! The holiday at home will REALLY be a reason to give thanks (and not just because you will not have to eat a grilled cheese sandwich)! I am so happy for you that you have finally found a medical team that seems to be able to work well together and all have Parker’s health as their highest priority. Hoping hoping hoping for the best.

    Debbie (Binny’s mom)

  7. joanie says:

    Parker never leaves are prayers!Happy birthday Parker hope you are home soon to celebrate.
    Joanie and Thomas from trisomy 21

  8. First off, happy birthday Parker!!!

    Second, Praying for your release so you can go HOME – you all dont seem to spend enough time there!

    Third, I sure hope things go well…he’s such an amazing trooper!

    And I wanted to note, Zachary has none of Parkers issues, but still only weighs 26 pounds, and he’s 4 now…he’s little too! :)

  9. Yahoo, indeed! Here’s hoping and praying that you will be home for the weekend.

    Love in Christ,

  10. YAY Tammy!!!!!! That is just wonderful!!!!! And I am so happy Parker may come home this weekend! How wonderful :)

    Prayers and love to you all!

  11. Oooh….hope he comes home. That would be awesome.

    Let’s hear it for great docs!

  12. Michelle says:

    oh baby boy, it sounds like MAYBE the right people are here…finally…and that some of the big stuff that can be corrected is in the right hands. Thank GOD! Parker, you cant know what a huge impact you have had on me, for such a tiny guy you sure are powerful. We are sending prayers and love all the way from Maine. Happy Birthday buddy!!

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