Is it terrible of me to say that I am thankful that Christmas has been boxed back up and safely tucked away for the year?   By the time Christmas Day comes, I’m resolved to have all the decorations down and put away as soon as possible.


A little boy with Down syndrome playing on his slide.


I truly do love the holidays.  But, boy, do they take it out of a Momma sometimes.  I adore my decorated house, but there comes a time when I just need things to be back to normal.  The older I get the more minimal I become.   I actually like that about myself.


Parker loves his Step 2 slide

I spent some time setting  a few goals for myself.  The main one is to get healthy.  I’m an over the top mess health wise and it is time to take care of me.  Both Reed and I are going to work on losing weight together.  It helps to have a partner.   I’ve got to get my blood pressure under control.  I’m really struggling with that.  People in my family tend to drop dead of heart attacks.  Seriously. One minute you are talking to them, the next they are dead before they even hit the ground.

I’m thinking 2013 would be a good year to avoid that.

A little boy with Down syndrome.

So it’s back to Weight Watchers I go.  WW works well for me……until something like a right heart cath comes up and I totally lose my marbles.   And, yes, 2013 will find Parker in the cath lab.  Again.

You guys will be here to get us through it again, won’t you?  (Pretty please?)

I’m resolved to get healthier.  I’m resolved to make it to physical therapy to build up my body so that I can get back out and run.  Okay, walk.  But I walk really fast.  Faster than  a lot of people run.

I’m resolved to keep Parker healthy.  Even if it means being stuck in the house for the next several months.  Today I’m working on all kinds of fun things to bring the world to this beautiful little boy of mine.

We discovered Parker is much brighter than we were giving him credit for last month when he mastered three times as many new sight words as usual.  (ahem)  It’s time for me to quit handling him with the idea that we won’t have him for long, and start realizing that only God knows the number of my Brave Hero’s days, and it’s my job to make the most of each and every one of them.   This kid of mine LOVES to learn.  He loves to go into his school room and work until he has mastered each task set before him.

A big sister giving her little brother with Down syndrome a hug.

I’m resolved to keep living simply.  Simple, clean meals.  Less stuff.  More focus on what is really important. My heart continues to yearn for this.

I have a feeling that this is going to be a truly great year.

What are you resolved to do in 2013?




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