Representative Carl Wimmer Gets It Wrong. Again.

Representative Carl Wimmer has published his  political position on Medicaid.  You can read it  on Carl’s political Facebook page:  Entitlement and health-care. I used to follow Representative Wimmer on his personal Facebook page.  But after accusing another legislator of lying to me, along with telling me to ‘make no mistake, I disagree with you on Medicaid’, Wimmer unfriended me.

Seems as though once you have proof as to what  Representative Wimmer  REALLY believes, he unfriends you.

Go figure.

In his latest declaration,  Wimmer is now (and trust me, this is NEW) all about allowing those who are now on Medicaid to stay on Medicaid.  And I quote:

Federal programs have perpetuated the need for entitlements, and have left many families with no other clear and easy choice but to be on government programs.


I believe as much as possible we should keep the promises made to those currently in the system.  People currently in the government system are there in large part because the government has corralled them there over the years.

This, boys and girls, is what is known as the ‘I’m running for Congress’ syndrome.  This is when a politician SAYS one thing, knowing he will vote as he always has, in order to get elected to the next tier. For Wimmer, the next tier is Congress.  Wimmer knows he has ticked off not a few families of children with special needs.  He’s pissed off a lot.  Enough to make that dream of his go bust. 

And make no mistake, Reed and I plan to be the ones to lead the ANTI-Wimmer for Congress campaign.

While reading further,  I noticed this within Carl’s musings:

“We have come so accustomed to these programs that once in a while I am told by people who depend on these programs, that prior to Medicaid and Medicare they or a loved one would have died from a lack of medical care. This is simply hyperbole and not true.”

Once again, Wimmer is clueless.

When I have made this comment, it is because prior to 1966, kids with an imperforate anus lived the rest of their lives with a bag glued to their sides.  Successful technology for PSARPs was non existent.

Prior to 1966, a child born with Pulmonary Hypertension died.  Not because there wasn’t a hospital to take them to, but because there was no treatment.

Prior to 1966 Parker would have died to to lack of medical know how.

Kids born with Down syndrome who had certain heart defects…..died.  There were no surgeries to fix their hearts.

The cost of keeping some kids alive blows away the ability of charitable organizations. Some. Not most. But some. Especially kids with orphan diseases. And kids on waivers.  Where these kids would have died prior to 1966, they can be kept alive due to modern medicine.  Very expensive modern medicines and surgeries.

Carl lists these reasons why health care is so much more expensive today than it was before Medicaid existed:

* People relied on themselves instead of government and others.

* People paid for much of their own health care from their own pockets.

* Insurance only paid for catastrophic care.

* Low-Income people received care based on medical need.

* There was no centralized federal or state health care plan paying for premiums to insurance companies on behalf of low income people.

* Everything cost less.


But one thing he fails to address is that new medical knowledge often costs more. Don’t believe me?  Ask the family of a child with an ORPHAN DISEASE.

It wasn’t until the PHEN-FEN scare 15 years ago, that pharmaceutical companies began really ramping up research into new treatments for Pulmonary Hypertension.  Not enough people had been diagnosed to make it worth it financially.  But get a whole new crop of patients and *ka-ching* suddenly it’s on big pharma’s radar.
But these advancements are often way out of the reach of even insured families today.  Modern medicine that, if you are a middle class family,  you don’t even qualify for help from the company with.

A popular Multiple Myeloma drug comes at an astronomical price.  Yet it isn’t even a new drug.  It was introduced a generation ago as a drug to deal with morning sickness.  What MM patients are paying for now is all the law suits that came when the drug, when used for it’s original intent, caused a lot of unexpected birth defects.

These are issues that Carl doesn’t understand.

Healthcare isn’t the black and white object it is trying to make it out to be.

And the reality is that when we go to a charity only based social safety net, there will be those that die. Maybe going to a government ran program drove prices up.  But do you really believe that removing the government will reduce those prices?  yeah.  Me neither.

Prices will remain the same.  And there simply isn’t going to be enough private donations to cover the new technology that keeps kids alive these days.

What’s truly unfortunate is that Mr. Wimmer chose to  ignore my offer for him to come to our home, meet Parker, and hear a real life experience of trying to keep a child alive in the state of Utah.

It’s a situation that you can’t totally understand until you’ve been thrown into it.  But at least maybe, just maybe, Wimmer would have had a better take on what our family, and so many other families, have had to do to keep their loved ones alive.


There is another discussion on Medicaid going on at Connor Boyack’s blog.  Pay special attention to Monte’s comments.  Welcome to my world, boys and girls.


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