Redefining ‘Poor’

The economy is a mess.  Are we in a recovery?  Or simply waiting for the other shoe to drop?

People are living in tent cities and underground tunnels.

All it takes is one sentence spoken by someone ‘in the know’ to set the stock markets soaring….. or sinking.

Housing foreclosures.  Huge job losses across every sector.

Now the press is bemoaning to us the horror of having to eat at home more often, shop at second hand stores, and lowering our Christmas expectations.

Because these are things that only the poor do.


But how is it being poor when you choose to eat a purchased -on-sale-roast covered in potatoes, garlic and onions harvested just that morning from your garden?  Being able to enjoy such fare while sitting around your own dining room table with the ones you love the most isn’t how I define  poor.

Are you poor when you choose to leave all the holiday clutter in the store and instead  create seasonal beauty from items you already own?

Should you really consider yourself poor when you choose to spend the weekend setting up shelving for your bought-on-sale-using-coupons stockpile instead of trolling the mall for yet more stuff we simply can’t live without?   (puh-lease)

Am I really poor because I choose to make do with my totally unfashionable ‘fat screen’ t.v. instead of rushing out to buy a flat screen?  Because really, the shows are the same on either set.

Is it considered being impoverished to choose to stop adding new debt, decide to pay off the old debt, and leave that new ‘must have’ (cause that’s what all the ads are telling us) item on the shelf?

Are people really going to notice that you are wearing last year’s Fall wardrobe?  Cause I promise, your old coat will keep you just as warm as a new one.

Poor isn’t choosing not to buy.

Poor is spending more than you earn.

On stuff that you really don’t even need.


See these beauties?  This morning they were in my garden.


Tomorrow they will be homemade marinara sauce.

And yet the news would make me think that putting up my own red sauce means that I am poor.

Giving your family the gift of living within your means is  worth far more than any stuff you could give them.

Try and remember this because the ads are already beginning.  Telling us that to have a real home we need all. new. stuff. That for our kids to really be happy come Christmas morning we need to buy! buy! buy!

Because what self respecting teenage girl could really hold their head up in public unless their butts are covered in $200 jeans?

I’m by no means an expert, but it seems as though debt and living beyond our means is what got the economy into this mess to begin with.

It’s time to redefine poor.

And discover the wealth found in family, friends, and simplicity.


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