Proof Positive

of Parker’s Brave Hero status.


Parker received this t-shirt in the mail on Monday. I looked all over the mailing bag and the receipt, but couldn’t discover who we needed to thank.

But in case that person is reading Parker’s blog: “Thank You.” It is perfect.

And it really isn’t faded out in the corner. That’s just my amazing photography skillz at work again.


  1. Christine Jun 26, 08
  2. Barb Jun 26, 08
  3. Kele Giles Jun 27, 08
  4. Karen Jun 27, 08
  5. Bethany Jun 27, 08
  6. Heather Jun 29, 08
  7. Jen P Jun 29, 08
  8. Christina Jul 1, 08
  9. Kari and Tristan Jul 4, 08
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