Proof Positive

Parker’s need for a Sleep Safer Bed includes a lot of reasons from his severe aspiration risk to the fact that he easily get entangled in his bolus feeds tubing to the fact that he is a HUGE fall risk climbing out of his crib and a strangulation risk with the cuffed trach and trach tie.

Next to Parker’s bed we need to keep certain medical equipment. His vent. His compressor. His heaters, etc. We’ve tried all kinds of shelving, we had a wooden entertainment center thingie there for a while, but Parker could easily reach around, grab a shelf, and climb up it. It would do this by straddling his crib railing and leaning over as far as he could. He fell out a couple of times, but luckily both times he wasn’t hooked up to his vent or his g-tube.

So we moved to this metal shelf.


The self is looks like it is closer to the bed than it really is. It’s about 13 inches away from his bed.

A Sleep Safer bed would go up to 33 inches high, and they are coming out with an extra 15 inch buffer. There is no way he could climb out of that.

I rest my case.


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