Each January I choose a word that is going to be my word for the next 12 months.   I’ll write lists of them and then scratch through them as I try to find just the right one to make my focus of the new year.    I almost decided on the word renaissance.  You know,  as in rebirth and rejuvenation.  So close.  Yet not quite right.   A few days ago, as the Blue Eyed Girl and I worked to clean out and organize our pantry, my word came to me: Prepared.



I’ve always been big on emergency preparedness.   Since becoming Mama to Parker the need to be prepared has grown exponentially.

I need to make sure both my long term and short term pantries are prepared for a job loss or months of not being able to buy groceries, or of the continual increase in prices.

I need to make sure we are prepared with enough stored water in case ours is turned off  or contaminated during an emergency.

I need to upgrade our 72 hour kits.   This is something I’ve always hated doing, and tend to put off.   Not any more.

I need to prepare to be ready to take on all that comes with ‘medically fragile’ and ‘special needs.’

I need to prepare myself spiritually to have the strength to take on all the unknowns this year may hold, as well as be prepare to embrace the adventures and opportunities for growth.

If ye are prepared ye shall not fear (D&C 38:30).

Do you choose a theme for the new year?

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