Pneumonia Update: Sunday

The Update:

So far, so good…….we’re  managing at home.    Fever is still spiking.  The Moltrin helps some.  The Tylenol does nothing.  LOTS of sleeping.  Except between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.  sigh.

Between this and the tummy issues Parker’s been experiencing, our Brave Hero is down 2 solid pounds.  You can see from across the room.  Nervous making. Very nervous making.


We are grateful to have been able to stay home and take care of Parker. But Reed and I have both had thoughts of spending another Thanksgiving at PCMC. Not exactly the vision of holiday sugarplums we’ve been dreaming of.


Our family Motto.

What makes me a little nervous is that we had hoped the epiglottal fold over surgery Parker had done would help with his aspiration issues. His poor lungs don’t need any extra stress.  Stressed lungs and pulmonary hypertension do NOT a good pair make.

It looks like we’ll continue our tradition of hunkering down at home during the winter.   This kid still gets too sick too easily. For now, I’ll just have to keep believing Parker’s day to explore the world will indeed come.



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  1. keeping Parker in our prayers, hugs
    Heidi recently posted..A Little Sunshine and ShoppingMy Profile

  2. Thinking of your family all the way from here. Praying for him also. Believe is a great motto.

  3. Praying Parker is feeling better soon. I understand the need to stay home in the fall and winter and sometimes even spring. We need to move to warmer climates. Praying for all of you that Parker is able to enjoy Thanksgiving!!
    Sue Mayer recently posted..It’s Good To Be Home…I think!!!My Profile

    • Tammy and Parker says:

      Sue, a friend of mine just moved to California with her little medically fragile guy. Great weather. Lower altitudes for his PH. Makes this Mama think about moving…..

  4. Praying for Parker!
    Carey recently posted..Back to SchoolMy Profile

  5. I have reached your blog by chance, I am from Spain and live in Madrid.
    I am very impressed about how strong you are, your devotion for your wonderful kid.
    I hope you all reach your goals, and I will pray for Parker to be able soon to begin exploring the world as the child he is.
    Muchos besos a todos, y un achuchón para Parker!

  6. I just saw this! I’m so sorry, but glad you’re still managing at home, at least I hope that’s where you are. I know how quickly that can change. Let me know if I can do anything. I feel like one of us drives right past your street a million times a day going to and from the school. Praying he feels better really, REALLY soon.
    Rebekah recently posted..Another AngelMy Profile

  7. Tammy, is there anything you need? I have some free time on Wed and would be happy to come over, run errands, make dinner, etc. Let me know if I can help you out in some way.
    paige recently posted..SleepMy Profile

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