Parker’s Letters


Remember in my post about tactile learners?

And how good it has been for Parker to do as much of his learning as possible from touch?

Well, not long after that post I received an email from Becky, who has been a long time reader of Parker’s blog.

She offered to create her own version of felt alphabet letters and numbers and send them to me.  It seems that both Becky and her Mom, GiGi are long time seamstresses and own their own businesses.


As you can see, the tactile ABC that we’ve been using for Parker has kinda seen better days.  Plus, that’s all we have.  The A. The B. The C.  yikes!



I joyously accepted Becky’s offer.  It’s no secret that I don’t sew.  I come from a long line of those who sew beautifully.  But the gene ran away from skipped me.

The next email I received from Becky was asking if it would be okay if her Mom digitally created her own font for “Parker’s Letters.” A truly unique work of art. All 62 upper case/ lower case letters and numbers could be sewn out on an embroidery machine then used at home or sold at craft fairs, etc.


See the whole set and learn more about Parker’s Letters.

The pattern for all 62 designs would cost $15.00 and all of that would go directly to Parker’s medical fund.

How does a Mama thank two other Mamas for such a gift?

I’ll have a button up for GiGi and Becky’s site in Parker’s sponsors section soon.  But until then,  I wanted to thank GiGi, Becky and all who have purchased a copy of Parker’s Letters.

But it’s times like this when just saying thank you doesn’t seem enough.  Our family is very determined to pay forward each act of love and support shown to our family.


We are so grateful for those who not only love our Brave Hero, but believe in his potential as well.


  1. Melissa Feb 9, 11
  2. MrsLaLa Feb 9, 11
  3. GiGi Feb 10, 11
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