Parker Update

Just wanted to let everyone know that Parker came through surgery with absolutely flying colors!!   Not sure who was more shocked………………me, Reed, the ENT or Parker’s cardiologist.  The cardiologist was pretty impressed that Parker wasn’t on a vent today!



 If he continues to do this well they will let me escape with him tomorrow!  Ya-Hoo! 


They dug out LOTS of infection and removed bones from his sinus cavities.  We hope that this will allow his sinuses to drain in the future. 


He is onery and madder than a wet hen, but satting at 100% and so far his heartrate has been good.


THANK YOU for the prayers.  We can feel the impact of your love and prayers all the way up here.


The hospital computer won’t let access the T-21 board.  =(  But I want to thank everyone there for their prayers too!

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