Parker Needs Your Prayers

Parker has been dealing with a respiratory infection that has only gotten steadily worse over the last couple of days.

Parker’s sats are ‘cycling’ which tells us that the blood is shunting backwards through his heart. This is also using a sign that his pulmonary hypertension pressures are sky rocketing. His is on THREE liters of O2 and we are having a tough time keeping his oxygen levels above 80.

Reed and I are both literally exhausted. And on top of it all we are also both sick with this year’s version of the creeping crud. Unless you have a critically ill child it is hard to really know how taxing it can be just to keep your little one alive. We are totally committed to Parker, and will do any and everything for him. We want him here with us for a very,very long time. But sometimes it can just be a little draining.

I find myself always worrying about my other kids too. I’m not the same Mom to them that I used to be. They see just the always tired, worried Mom. I’m not sure how to meet their needs and Parker’s as well. Add that to the financial worries, and well I’ll just leave it at that.

I’ll be up with Parker tonight in the recliner holding and watching and hoping that we aren’t heading up to the ER at PCMC in the next couple of hours. This is an exact repeat of the episode Parker endured last year that almost cost him his life.

If you could take a minute and keep Parker in your prayers, our family would really appreciate it.

Thanks so much.

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