The Power of Family

Parker and his “Happy” are tight.

Tonight my Dad came over to spend some quality time with our Brave Hero.


Parker had been showing off his new from a sit to a stand skills, and was taking a bit of a rest compliments of my Dad’s shoulder.


Two peas in a pod, no? If only I would have gotten a picture of Reed snoring on the other couch at the same time. hee,hee

I am blessed to have parents who never thought twice about a kid with an ostomy bag, trach, g-tube and extra chromosome. Not all families are so fortunate.

Most of Parker’s toys have been purchased by my parents. Both of my parents are firm believers in learning through play, and open ended toys. So if any pictures you get a glimpse of a really cool toy, you can just about bet that Parker’s Happy and Gam bought it for him.

My Mom does Parker’s feeding therapies when she comes in to visit. And many a day it has been only her singing The Farmer In The Dell over and over and over and over…..that finally puts a tired and hurting little one to sleep.

They believe in the potential that resides within our littlest guy.

My Dad even went toe to toe with Parker’s original surgeon when he had his first surgery at 2 days old to create his ‘pooper’.

Yeah. I learned from the best.

Some of my most precious memories are the and heart felt blessings given by Reed and my Dad asking for the tender mercies of our Father in Heaven to be afforded to Parker.

Three generations going before God in humble supplication.

I don’t just believe in miracles.

I also believe in the power of love.


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