I admit it.  I love me some CNN.

I mean just because I don’t get out often enough to know what is going on in my own neighborhood doesn’t mean I can’t keep up on all the ways Obama is screwing us over………uh, current events.

However, Parker’s taste in television is a bit different from mine.

Our Brave Hero is all about the Signing Time.

And in typical testosterone drenched fashion, Parker needs to have the television on the channel HE wants even if he isn’t actually watching the television at that particular time.


I wonder who he learned that from?  Maybe you’d like to weigh in right about here Reed?


Our daily routine goes something like this:

Wake Up

Switch out vent.

Remove pulse ox monitor.

Unhook g-tube from continuous feeds.

Suck out great globs of terrifying from our Brave Hero’s trach.

Administer first round of meds.

Then it’s off to the tub we go.

One of my favorite moments of the day is to watch Parker, his cloth diaper sagging halfway down his Teeny Tiny Designer Hiney,  making his way to the bath.

Next we replace all necessary tubes and dressings and then we make our way to the family room.

Where it begins.

The battle for control of the airwaves.

I usually start out trying to rationalize with Parker.  I make a deal with him that if he’ll let me have the next 30 minutes to find out what is going on in the world then he can have the next 30 with Rachel.

Parker’s reaction is usually something like this:


But I stand firm.  30 minutes of not Rachel is well within my rights as the Mama.

Or so I thought.


It takes just that one look  and suddenly, before I even realize what has happened, the power has shifted, and my heart just melts.

This kid?  He totally owns me.



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  1. I think he ‘owns’ a lot of hearts as well. :-) He is adorable! {Love’en the dragon getup.}

    Great post. Thank you for sharing your daily life, and that precious little man.

  2. What a cute cape! Luckily Jax doesn’t fight me for the remote. but I do turn playhouse disney on for him, its bright and fun and his eyes actually go to the tv when its on!

  3. awwwwww – he owns my heart too!

  4. So cute. It’s impossible to resist that little guy. I love Signing Time myself. Now I have the song in my head…”It’s Signing Time with Alex and Leah…”

  5. That cape would make him even more irresistible I think!

  6. Love the cape, but love the “look” even better… melts a momma’s heart!!!

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