Overshadowing My Joy

Yesterday’s list included the usual.

With a couple of extras thrown in.


Like my Mom and I making a stop at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.

We pulled into the Temple parking lot and each of us offered up a prayer from our hearts in behalf of our Brave Hero.

Okay. Maybe a little in behalf of me too.

Doubt, fear, insecurity, and worry have a way of overshadowing my joy.

I can receive a feeling of peace, that all will be well, and a prompting to enjoy the now.

And then, in what can often be only moments, I find myself doubting these feelings.

Am I being naive? Wishful thinking?

Who actually doubts their feelings of peace after working so hard to attain them?

Apparently, ME.

Effortlessly, one doubt turns into another, and another.

I begin to envision a God who is hidden and silent, at least to my pleas.

Yet, I know deep within my heart that even in the midst of everything He is there. He is listening. He does care.

I have to trust that the information will come when it is needed. The conviction when the time is right. The miracle when it is most needed.


Until then, I will continue to cry out to my Father in Heaven, alone and with those I love.

On my knees by my bedside.

Continuously in my heart as I go through out my day.

And sometimes, on early Monday mornings in the middle of a beloved Temple’s parking lot.

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him.
PSALM 62:5


  1. Barbara
    Oct 13, 10
  2. Michelle Howard Oct 13, 10
  3. McCall Oct 14, 10
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