Our Brave Hero Makes The News

Highland boy gets his playset wish

Our family would like to express our graditude not only to Make a Wish and Betty Crocker, but to all of our friends, neighbors and communtiy for their love and support in our goal to provide Parker with the best medical care possible to one day be healthy…..and just another typical Hodson boy.

Your love, support and prayers mean the world to our family.

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  1. Wow, that is a great article – and you can tell from the picture how much he loves the new swingset!

    You are an awesome mama!!

  2. What wonderful news, Tammy! I’m so happy for Parker! He looks so happy with his new playset!

    The Make a Wish Foundation granted my son’s wish last summer and the whole experience was incredibly endearing!

    He is an avid drummer, and his wish was to have a shopping spree at one of the largest drum stores in the U.S. We all had a blast watching his dream come true.

    Koby wanted his older brother and step-sister to enjoy themselves, as well. So, he used some of the shopping spree cash to purchase cell phones for all three of them.

    We will continue to pray for Parker, and thank God that He has made your beautiful boy’s wish come true by means of the Make-a-Wish Foundation and other generous sponsors.



  3. I went over and read the newspaper article and I thought it was really well done. I’m so happy that Parker got his wish and that he’s loving it so much. He definitely deserves it! The picture of him on the swing is precious. I never get tired of seeing pictures of him. Keep them coming!

  4. beverly says:

    so wonderful! happy is loves that play set so much! makes me smile

  5. I love the picture they used, he is obviously very happy to have his play set.

  6. Love love the giggling picture they used with the article. It really is a well-done piece.

    Seeing Parker happy always makes my day.

  7. Great article and picture! Can we see more pics of his cool new playset? He so deserves this!

  8. This is wonderful Tammy!! The article is beautiful and the picture is sooo precious! I am so excited for Parky :)

  9. Parker, your smile in the photo, demonstrating the true joy this swing brings you made my day! What a wonderful article Tammy.

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