One tooth lost…..

I’d known that tooth was loose for over a week.  The bottom tooth, front and left.  The exact same tooth all of his siblings lost the very first time.

It was different this time though.  The big brothers and sisters would wiggle a tooth until it hung by a miniscule thread, closing their lips with that almost lost tooth hanging out.

I’d finally have to remind them that if they kept dinking around they ran the risk of swallowing their tooth…..and the Tooth Fairy doesn’t pay unless a tooth is under that pillow.

No worries, my now 23 year old son told me.  If I swallow my tooth is will come out in my poop! 

I still remember having to sit down and explain to my then little boy that the Tooth Fairy was way too busy to have to dig through a kid’s poop in order to find a tooth.

Welcome to my life.

With Parker the worry was getting the tooth out before it fell out and he swallowed it.  Being as Parker aspirates on everything, my thoughts kept drifting to me waving good bye to him as they wheeled him into surgery to dig that sucker out of a lung.

Last night, Reed, our resident tooth extractor tried to free Parker’s tooth.  It didn’t work.  We tried to grab it while it was asleep, but even from Dreamland Parker fought us off.

Finally, this morning, I noticed that the tooth was hanging on with just a bit of a root.  NOW was the time get that sucker out.

Because Parker had no idea why I had my fingers in his mouth, or why I was pulling on his teeth, he went to his only defense and bit the wa-hoo out of my finger.  Finally, after many shrieks of pain (all of which came from ME) I held the prize:  My youngest child’s first tooth.

Next time I need to come up with a better plan.  I’m thinking of asking my neighbor, a retired dentist to come over and do the honors.  It would be no big deal if Parker ignored him the way he’s now ignoring me.

Oh, I know my Brave Hero will get over it.  He’ll one day decide that I’ve been sorry long enough and he’ll forgive me enough to allow me to put a Sesame Street DVD in for him.

With my luck though, that will be just about the time the next tooth needs to come out.


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