One Naughty Kid

Parker has taken to finding great fun in our reactions after grabbing a handful of hair and yanking with every ounce of his might. We’ve been working with him on the concept of a ‘soft touch,’ but sometimes we forget and let out a bit of a resounding “No!” “That hurts.” I am confident that Parker understands that he shouldn’t be pulling our hair because immediately after one of his lightening quick snatches he starts signing “No!”……with BOTH hands no less.

Yep. He’s one Naughty Kid alright.

Parker likes to use diaper changing times as another avenue to highlight his new found naughtiness skills. Cleaning out an ostomy bag takes both hands. Actually, during this process I often find myself wishing I had three or four hands but, alas, one has to make due. Parker realizes these sessions require both my hands and attention as he decides to entertain himself by trying to stick his big toe up my right nostril. I sure he views this as therapy in increasing his eye to foot coordination.

Yep. He’s one Naughty Kid alright.

Parker also likes to look me straight in the eye and sign “Monster”, complete with scary face and frightening growl to let me know just what he thinks of me for making him take his medicine.

Yup. We are talking one Naughty Kid.

But you know what? I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m thrilled that he is feeling well enough to be naughty and drive us nuts. That just proves what I have always believed: Parker is just a typical Hodson boy. Rowdy and as full of mischief as the other two were at this age. And I couldn’t be more proud. Or thankful.

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One Naughty Kid during a recent Cheeto break.


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