On adaptive trikes and intense therapies.

Parker’s AmTryke adaptive trike arrived on Monday.  Thrilled beyond belief pretty much describes how we’re feeling over here.  Reed hasn’t had time to set it up yet because I’ve spent the last couple of days doing fun things like colonoscopies.  Summertime at the Hodson house, always full of exciting adventures.  sigh.


Adaptive trikes represent so much more than just the freedom to ride a trike the way Parker’s typical peers do.  It represents the hard work it’s going to take to gain the physical skills necessary to put that bike in motion.  It represents a goal that we’ve prayed for the opportunity to master.

It represents people who believe in Parker.  People who recognize Parker’s potential.  People who understand that even with a trach, g-tube, and extra chromosome, a guy has a need for freedom and to be accepted by his peers.  People who value the worth of this littlest Hodson boy of ours the same way we do.

I was talking with a local friend about how on the fence I’ve felt about fund raising for the intense therapy we hope to provide Parker.  She told me that if she were in my position she would be doing the exact same thing.

Her reassurance brought tears to my eyes.  This friend knows me and knows my heart.  She has also had her own experiences of wondering how to provide for a child with needs that can scare a Mama to death.

I believe Parker was sent into my life for a reason.  I believe that it is my job to provide Parker with the means to have something you and I take for granted:  Human Rights.

In a world that often sees my son as disposable, the butt of self depreciating jokes, and not even worthy to sit next to a typical child in a typical classroom, providing my son with these skills is essential.

We are still working towards providing Parker the intensive therapy he needs.   I believe it’s what any Mama would do for their child.

There’s a possibility we’ll host another yard sale in August.

And for those of you who have emailed me saying you’ve tried to donate to Parker’s therapies via the donation button on our blog, I’ve gone in and done some tweaking.  It should be working now.

I’ll eternally be thankful for those who pray for Parker, for those who see and value his potential, and those that support us in our determination to provide Parker will the best care possible.







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