Oh, the places he’ll go…..

He has brains in his head, and orthos in his shoes.

In spite of the tubes, or the stuff he must use,

His mountain is waiting,

Today is his day!

Our Brave Hero is well on his way…..

For he knows a secret he’s willing to spill,

your attitude is a major part of  every deal.

pecs cards

Oh, the places he’ll go!  There’s fun to be done!

Prayers to be prayed and miracles to be won.

The magical things he can do with a smile  leaves joy in your heart for a good quite awhile.

And even with the very high chance of things that will scare his Mama right out of her pants, our Hero will succeed….. oh, yes, yes indeed!

100 and 10 percent guaranteed.



  1. Get Clued In
    Aug 6, 12
  2. Sugar Loco
    Aug 8, 12
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