Now I Can intensive therapy.

I’ve never been more shocked by my insurance company. Well, I have.  But this is shocked in a good way, which I’m pretty sure has never happened before.   I received a call telling me that after we paid out the deductible on Parker, and then paid the 20% of each session, our insurance will pay the remaining 80% of 20 sessions of intensive therapy through Now I Can.

I actually called my insurance company back two times to make sure I understood them correctly.   That’s okay, they already think I’m nuts.

A little boy and his brother

So it comes down to the fact that this brings down the three week session via Now I Can to somewhere between $2,500-3,000, depending on whether we qualify for a grant.  Half of the original $6,000.

I had given up on Now I Can because of the cost.  There are so many out there fundraising for worthy causes.  And I felt as though trying to raise $6,000 dollars was out of my range of ability, and was asking too much.

brotherly love

But now I’m thinking that it just may be possible.

One of the things I talked about when we toured Now I Can is how Parker’s first almost 4 years of life were spent doing nothing but being held in my arms rocking in a rocking chair.

Parker missed out on so much of his natural development in those years.  Crawling.  Sensory experiences.  Building muscles naturally.  We had Early Intervention coming in, but Parker was usually too sick to participate.

two brothers

This is the opportunity to make that up.  The neurodevelopmental approach will help to connect those things that never had the opportunity to connect when Parker was little.

Will it cure Parker’s Down syndrome?  Will he walk out an Olympic athlete?  Of course not.

It will give him the opportunity of a much greater quality of life.  A much great opportunity than the half an hour of physical therapy our District and, I believe,  the 10 sessions he could receive through a local pediatric rehab that is so full right now they have Parker on a waiting list.

It will also address and help the HUGE sensory issues that we’ve been seeing in Parker lately too.

I had a HUGE punch in the gut when Parker was tested at an 18 month level with his OT skills.  A lousy OT.  A Mama that really didn’t know what she was doing.  A little boy having to live with the consequences.

I’m choosing to seize what life is offering in the moment and forage forward in the faith that if it was meant to be, it will happen.

We have until September to raise the funds.

Those who may so feel inclined to donate can call Now I Can and do a direct donation towards Parker’s sessions: 801.228.1935

You can go through the PayPal button on the Now I Can page.  If you do this, you MUST leave a message saying that your donation is for Parker Hodson or else it will go into the general fund.

You can use the PayPal button at the right hand side of Parker’s blog that we finally reinstalled correctly.

I’m open to other fund raising ideas anyone might have.

parker hodson


It’s hard this fund raising thing.  It’s humbling.  It’s something I wish I never had to do again.  A friend pointed out that very year she has parents fundraising for their kids cheer leading, sports, etc.  A Mama fundraising for a better future for her child is a worthy cause too.

I appreciate friends that understand what we are trying to do for Parker.  We’ve been committed from day One to providing Parker with the best future possible, no matter what.


a fresh loaf of homemade bread

PS:  Some of the ways we are thinking of trying to raise the $3,000 include selling ad spots on Parker’s blog and selling loaves of fresh, hot homemade bread and jam and fresh hot cookies.  If anyone else has any suggestions, we’d LOVE to hear them!







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