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We had a HUGE yard sale.  We received donations from family and friends.  We sent up prayers and then more prayers after that.  Today we are celebrating Parker’s first week at the Now I Can Foundation.  Now I Can is a place of hope and dreams and a ton of hard work.  Luckily a certain Hero has never had an issue with hard work  so this is a perfect fit for him.

Parker’s sessions run from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, making things a bit wild for his so not a morning person Mama.  It’s about a 30-40 minute drive depending on the traffic and the condition my lead foot is in.  I’ve been doing all of my morning stuff at night in order to get up and be gone in time.  Today we actually made it here before the Now I Can Foundation team did.  Not too shabby, eh?

People are asking me if all the work to be able to scrap together the money for this experience is worth it.  So far I can reply with a resounding YES!  I’m impressed with the knowledge and skill of Parker’s team and all that he’s accomplishing.

Parker from Praying for Parker

I’m also impressed with how willing Parker is to do the tough stuff.  In fact I think he really likes it even though it truly is intensive.  I’m not sure I’m be so willing to play this hard.

They start him out with stretches and then move on to a special suit that helps Parker’s body understand the proper way to do things like stand up.  Parker wrist and ankle joints and right hip are pretty unstable and this suit helps to fix that.

A little boy with Down syndrome at the Now I Can Foundation

This suit also gives Parker some incredible proprioceptive feedback which is something he is in dire need of.

Now, I’m not a OT, nor am I smart enough to play on on the internet, BUT, I am Parker’s Mama and I have seen GREAT changes in this kid since we began adapting a sensory diet for him.

I’ll keep you updated as our three weeks progress.  Promise.

What kind of physical therapy or sensory activities does your child participate in? 


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