Need Some Help From Moms Who Have Been There

ever engaged the services of a child therapist to help a child get over the emotional aspects of a surgery.

After a surgery Parker is always so mad at me. Reed he loves. Me, not so much. I know that this is not unusual for a child to be angry at their Mom for the surgery and pain.


But it tends to continue even after we are home. During the day Parker won’t let me out of his sight, yet doesn’t want to engage in anything with me either. Then Reed comes home and Parker is just full of hugs etc., for his Dad.

Parker also isn’t sleeping. I can hold him and rock him and THINK he is sleeping, but the second I move and he THINKS I might put him down he just freaks out.

If I leave Parker’s sight during the day he freaks out. He can’t handle being left alone. Even if all I’m gone for is a super quick potty break. Now I just bring him with me and sit him down where he can see me.

Yeah. TMI. I know. But I’m totally lost here.

This happened after Parker was trached, but it is much worse this time.

I’m still going in to love on him whether he likes it or not. I’m reading to him and singing to him even if he is with Reed.

But this obviously isn’t enough to help with the anger Parker is feeling.

And then you add in the dilations each day which also makes this poor kid so, so upset…….

I am at a loss. My heart is breaking.


He is one hurt and angry little guy here.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of any books I could read, sites I could visit, etc. Share some experiences? I’m really concerned that these surgeries could cause emotional issues for Parker down the road.


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