Name Activities for kids with Special Needs

There comes such a sense of accomplishment when a child learns how to write their name.  That’s one of the reasons I persist in the perfection of Parker’s signature.  It’s really no longer a matter of IF the kid can write his name, but matter of WILL he’ll write his name.  Hard-headed Hodsons abound around this joint.  So I’m always on the look out for name activities for kids with special needs. Parker is more apt to co-operate when the activity is new and exciting.  Or when I promise him time with Wally the guinea pig.

The first name activity for kids with special needs is a simple follow the dots tracing.  EXCEPT.  I finally got smart and made a zillion copies of Parker’s name all done in little dots.  Before I was using a white board and writing his name in dots my self over and over again.

Name tracing sheet

Yeah.  I’m often not that bright.

I simply went to a website where I could create Parker’s name in tracing dots, blew it up as large as I could in Open Office, and then ran off a bunch of copies.  Poor kid almost croaked when he saw that pile of names just waiting for him to trace over and over and over…..

name writing practise

Next up?  Same theme, except instead of tracing with a crayon or pencil, we’re going to do a name rubbing.  Parker LOVES doing any kind of rubbings. His eyes get huge as magically something appears on a piece of blank paper just by rubbing a crayon over it.

Name Tracing with glitter glue

You can also turn this into a sensory experience by having your student trace the name with their finger after the glue has dried.

name tracing

Or simply cover the glue enhanced name with a sheet of blank paper and go wild with a crayon.

Finally, on days when Parker’s pencil grip has lost it’s will, I resort to hands on name activities that require no writing implements.

name activities for kids with special needs

A few extra Mega blocks, a Sharpie and you’ve got a name activity that enjoyed over and over.

You can place the blocks in front of your student mixed up like this and have them connect them in the proper order.

You can have them pull each block out of a bag and put them in the proper order.

You can hide them in plastic Easter eggs and have them crack the egg to discover the letter as they put them in the proper order.

I’m thinking about freezing smaller blocks in ice cube trays and letting Parker play with each cube until it melts before he puts all the letters in their proper order.

name activity

While Parker isn’t actually writing his name with these activities, he IS still reviewing how to spell and recognize his name and using his fine motor skills to put them in the proper order……the same fine motor skills he needs for that pencil grasp.

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