My Kind Of Hip

A few months ago I purchased this:


A Kleen Kanteen. Now I didn’t purchase it (gasp!) new. I purchased it from a lady who paid ( double gasp!) full price, received it in the mail, and promptly, without even using it, decided that it simply wasn’t hip enough.

I don’t know about you, but if the price is right, I’ll happily ditch hip for a lesser rung on the kewlness ladder.

And the price on this baby was more than right. Which, next to free, is my price of choice these days.

Reusable anything is hip in a green kind of way these days. And I happen to know that Arianne over at 5 Minutes For Going Green would approve too.

Well, you know…..if she actually had a clue that I was even using one of these.

I love being able to fill my KK up with ice and water and take it along during my day.

If I really want to get exotic I add in some Crystal Light and pretend that I’m on vacation in some exotic local where medical bills are something nobody ever receives.

I may not be the hippest Mama of them all, but I can certainly pretend with the best of them.


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