My Heart In A Nutshell

ETA:  Parker checks in for surgery at 6:00 a.m.  He’s scheduled to be in surgery at 7:30.  He’s first on the list!

I’m waiting for the phone call from Primary Children’s that will let us know when Parker’s surgery will be tomorrow.

My nerves are a bit frayed today.  But that’s pretty standard for the day before surgery.

I have so much to do, but so little desire to actually do it.

The Overwhelming is casting a very long shadow right now.

I’d much rather curl up into a ball and sleep through the next several days while dreaming of waking up to the news that all is well.

Instead I’ll gird up my courage and get on with it.

I know that with each step the momentum will build, and I’ll regain my stride.

Janice, my sweet friend from 5 Minutes for Mom, asked me to write an update on Parker.

It  reveals the desires of my heart.

In a nutshell.

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Special Needs Blogger, and homeschooling Mom, heavily involved in advocacy for all kids with special needs in Utah.


  1. I will be praying for Parker. I look at your courage as a parent and just have so much admiration for you. Your a wonderful mom and Parker is so blessed to have you in his life. We are all blessed that you have shared your beautiful son with us. Take care and update when you can.

    HUgs from MO

    Kaci and Carson

  2. Tammy, I am praying for everything to go very very well. Thinking of you and the little guy.

  3. Continued prayers for sweet Parker, and best wishes that everything goes well.

  4. Praying for your sweet guy and for comfort and peace for you Tammy!

  5. I will be thinking of you and Parker! Hang in there…

  6. Praying tomorrow, make sure to keep us updated. He’ll do great, I’ve found that since I have had such a huge group of people praying, Jax has done great with his last few surgeries. It really helps!

  7. Janet C

    Good luck Parker! We’ll be thinking of you all tomorrow.

  8. I’m so touched by your story. Our prayers and hopes are with you all.

  9. Emily says:

    My prayers are with you all at this time…

  10. Prayers with you. I love the way you write, Tammy…you touch my soul, and I thank you for it.

  11. Will be thinking of you and your family and Parker. You can do it Parker!!!!

  12. I am praying Tammy! Hoping he is out of surgery by now too,
    I love you Parker, you brave, beautiful little hero!

  13. kaylene says:

    Prayers from our family!!!

    Hoping everything goes well and Parker is able to be home for Christmas!!!

  14. Praying for Parker. Just found your site. Our Justus is 3 months post – op (heart surgery). He is now a thriving 7 month old. Best wishes…

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