Multi-tasking my life away.



I was reading a post by the amazing Rhonda from Down-To-Earth.  I was nodding my head in agreement and soaking up the wisdom until I read these words:

Get involved in your life. Really involved. Stop working on automatic pilot, stop multi-tasking, focus on your work and do it to the best of your abilities – either in your paid job or at home, or both.


Did I ever mention that I am the Queen of multi-tasking?  Just this morning I was vacuuming  with my left hand, while texting with my right all while keeping an eye on the pot of milk I had on the stove waiting for it to simmer so I could make yogurt. Every few minutes I’d put down the vacuum and run to the dryer to grab something out and hang it up.

Heck, even as I’m typing this post I’m also watching TV and my Twitter feed.


As I read Rhonda’s suggestion of NOT multi-tasking, my first thought was that unless I did 10 things all at once I’d never get everything done I need to get done.   I have six kids, the youngest being medically fragile with special needs.  How to I get everything done I need to unless I’m doing it all at once?

On the other hand, my multi-tasking habit could be why my nerves feel shot as often as they do.  Let’s face it, no matter how much I multi-task, I still don’t get everything done I want to.  Even if I worked non-stop for the rest of my life, I’d die with items still on my list, because there is always something that could use to be done.

My Mom is constantly telling me that I try and shove waaay too much in one day.  This makes for often miserable, stressful days as all I can focus on is what I haven’t done yet.

String out a bunch of miserable, stressful days and pretty soon you have a trend of the darn things and a big ‘ol bottle of blood pressure pills to show for all your efforts.

Look closely.  There’s a smile.  Man, have I ever missed those. 


Maybe Rhonda is on to something here.  Maybe this is the final missing link in allowing myself to live more simply……the permission to pay attention to the task at hand and enjoy it.   Even when I’m doing something I really love (like painting furniture, gardening, homeschooling Parker) I totally miss out on the joy of doing it as I’ve usually squashed it in between a zillion other simultaneous tasks.

Maybe I need to give myself the permission to realize that not everything needs to be done everyday, and remind myself that perfection is a myth.

Am I the only one who tries to shove way to0 much into a day and thereby miss out on the joy of truly living?

Anyone else a master multi-tasker?



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  1. I used to be. I was also miserable and didn’t do the things I did very well. When I slowed down and focused, I started enjoying my work, and taking pride in it. I’m sending big hugs to you and Parker.

  2. I do that too often – thanks for the reminder to slow down and focus on one thing at a time. Love those smiles!

  3. You are right on the money. As I sit here working, making lunch and switching my laundry, you remind me to focus on what is in front of me, and get as much joy from it as I can. Life can fly by too quickly. That picture at the end of your blog with you and your son is about as wonderful as a reminder as you can get. Thanks for sharing.

  4. after a couple of crazy months with work, i’ve now got the chance to slow down….with it being summer and the kids all at home…guess what i’ve spend the past couple of days doing!!! NOTHING!! Little things here and there but I’ve flopped with them and watched movies and recorded shows and just vegg’d…it’s the BEST..i’m still waiting on you to send me the quote that is on one of your walls!!! i need it for my house and cannot remember how it goes!!

  5. Oh man, I think I really needed to hear this this morning… at the start of the one week this summer where I have my husband home all week and I will feel the pressure to get as much done as possible…

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