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So, am I the only Mom that has given birth to a kid who has earbuds growing out of his head?


Or responds to the suggestion of a haircut as if you had just ordered him to military school?


Hey! Military School! Now there’s a thought.


Eh. Who am I kidding. I’d miss this kid way too much.

On most days anyway.

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  1. Absolutely not. Mine is 10. He also wears a stocking cap constantly, even in the summer. It’s pretty much awesome.

  2. My 12 yr old has a hissy fit when we were at Grandma and Grandpa’s and I told him he was going with Grandpa to get a haircut. He’s just lucky a birdy didn’t come poop on his pouty lip!

  3. Hair is not a predictor for avoidance of military school. My ManChild had a little curly ponytail at the nape of his neck for years (til a teacher required us to remove it in 2nd grade. Then, in high school, he wore a mullet for a couple of years. ‘Military school’ – not such a bad thing, really.

  4. Oh! What a cutie! My boys are the same way only with the Wii! Boy do him and Parker look alike!! I love it!

  5. I agree with Amy, Parker is, as the old term goes, ‘a spitting image’ of this Big Brother!

  6. Steph says:

    Just have so comment on how much Parker looks like his big brother….WOW! If they had the same color hair I would have to question whether or not Parker was cloned. Love it!

  7. We haven’t made it to this stage yet, but I am sure it is coming. Right now my step-son (8) hasn’t shown up with any real styles except raggedy hair that won’t quit. My only condition is that if he keeps it long, he keeps it combed. LOL My middle child so far doesn’t care about any style stuff…. but I know that it is coming.

  8. Ear buds out the ears, and cell phones growing out of the fingertips…..

    As for hair – I just like the short look, and so far my boys have gone along with it :) We did longer and a bit shaggy a couple years ago, but it really didn’t look all that great on my boys – I think maybe their heads are shaped funny LOLOL

    Hope Parky is feeling better today – sorry his SAT’s and heart rate weren’t looking good :(

    Hugs and prayers being sent your way.

  9. I remember doing that when I was younger. Parker looks SO much like his big brother!

  10. Wow I can see Parker in him!

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