Mornings With Parker

Parker’s been fighting the latest version of the creeping crud.

Every morning, before his nap, and before bed, we do vest treatments with our Brave Hero.  This helps to loosen up the junk in his lungs so that we can suction it out.

Days that he is sick, we do vest treatments a couple of times more.

In this video the vest isn’t in the best placement.  It’s kinda hard to keep the vest in place AND video tape, iykwim…..

So, for your viewing pleasure we present Mornings With Parker.

Hey.  At least I spared you the snot sucking session that followed.


PS: Guess who turns SIX on Friday? Woot!


  1. Barbara
    Nov 17, 10
  2. Scarehaircare Nov 17, 10
  3. Heidi Nov 17, 10
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