More GI Testing


Yesterday Parker’s surgeon called and wanted us to come up. Now.

He wanted to take a look at Parker’s g-tube.

After measuring the stoma, it was evident that Parker wasn’t ready for a bigger size of g-tube, which would have been the quick and easy fix.

Cause at our house quick and isn’t on the agenda.

The surgeon is a bit concerned. Between the g-tube and the bleeding going on, there is something amiss.

So today we travel back up to PCMC for Parker to undergo some more intensive GI testing.

After receiving the results from today’s testing, we will formulate a plan. Well. Not us. The surgeon.

There was mentioned the possibility of Parker needing to be admitted for a few days. They would remove his button and then allow the stoma opening to close up/heal enough to fit snugly again.

Because this kid needs to have every ounce of his feeds stay inside of his belly, rather than drench the outside of him.

Keep the prayers coming.

You can also find me and Parker over at today.


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