Montessori on the Cheap

There has always been something about the Montessori method of teaching that has appealed to me.  Especially when working with children with special needs.

One thing that held me back was the cost of many Montessori activities.

Finally it dawned on me that I could create my own transferring activities….for next to nothing.

A cost I happen to really love.


For this activity Parker will be transferring cotton balls from one container to another using a strawberry huller. Yeah, I had no idea what a strawberry huller was before this either.

Blue Tray: .99 Dollar Store
Cotton Balls: .50 for 4 bags at a yardsale
Strawberry Huller: $1.25 Ross
Clear Containers: Clearance (.25) at Walgreens


It’s hard to tell in these pictures, but Parker really is doing all the work. We have to hand over hand it with him because of his love of hucking any and everything across the room. sigh.


Parker’s hands are weak. And his pencil grip is terrible. This activity address both issues.


Changing it up a bit, I’ve replaced the cotton balls with left over jelly beans from Bailey’s bridal shower and switched the strawberry huller for a measuring spoon in a cool shape.

Jelly Beans: free
Measuring Spoon (set of) Thrift Store .50.


In this activity Parker uses the measuring spoon to transfer the jelly beans from one container to the next. I love the look of concentration on his face!


Success, baby!


It takes a lot of concentration to be able to scoop up a single jelly bean.


For the final activity Parker had to pick up the jelly beans one by one using his pincher grasp and then drop each one into the spaces of the egg container.

Egg Container: .10 Yard Sale


This one drives Parker nuts because he wants to grab an entire handful of jelly beans, but can only grasp one.


Practice makes perfect, right?


This activity also provide Parker the opportunity to review colors. Two-fers. Another favorite of mine.

Want to find some more Montessori activities? Here’s a list of our favorite places!

Montessori Mom

My Montessori Journey

What are some of YOUR favorite learning websites?


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