Montessori Inspired Following Directions Activity

Each week we take Parker to my parents house for his daily lessons.  My Mom works with him a lot on OT skills.  This Tuesday however she changed it up some and created a Montessori inspired following directions activity.  It’s important that Parker learn how to follow directions and complete tasks.  He’ll be the first Hodson boy in the family to reach such an important goal.  heh.

pudding vocabulary

My Mom set up the activity by first have a flashcard with the name of each item that would be used.  Parker LOVES words and matching them to their real life counterparts.

opening pudding package

Next Parker opened the box of pudding and then opened the pudding itself.    My Mom is a brave woman.


Next up, measuring and pouring the milk.

I want to shake the pudding

The pudding has been added to the bottle and then the milk.  It’s time to shake! shake! shake!  I love the look on Parker’s face here….it’s like, ‘Seriously?  You WANT me to shake that bottle?’

pudding shaking


How cool is THIS?

Parker then helped to pour a little bit of pudding into bowls for all of us to try.  I don’t have any pictures of that because by then I had put my camera down to make sure that Parker’s ‘taste’ wasn’t more than a smidge.  I’m all for activities that help teach a kid how to follow directions, aspiration pneumonia from pudding……notsomuch.

It was a great Montessori Inspired activity and Parker had a blast.  Next up?  Seeing if we can get this kid to do laundry.  Well, maybe we’ll need to wait until he’s tall enough to reach the dials first.  A Mama can dream though, right?

What sort of Montessori inspired activities do you do with your kids?  Do you have any favorite Montessori inspired websites?

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