Montessori Inspired Christmas Suncatcher

One of the best things about Christmas are the crafts I’ve made with my kids.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing expensive.  Simple things that tend to make my heart sing when I uncover them from the Christmas boxes all these years later.  Now I understand the importance of these kind of experiences beyond the memories.  I recognize the therapy goals that can be met with something as simple as a Montessori Inspired Christmas  Suncatcher.

Acrylic Frame Sun Catcher

This is my original idea.  I saw it on another website where this blogger used picture frames from the Dollar Store.  All I could think of was letting my heavy handed Hero near Dollar Store glass and I knew I needed to come up with another idea.  I found this acrylic frame at Micheal’s.  I used my 40% off coupon and because there are two pieces to this frame, Parker can make two mosaics.

craft supplies

I looked around our school room and dug out manipulatives that were reflective and clear so they could both catch the sun and allow the sun to shine through them.  Plastic jewels, flat marbles, clear mosaic shapes, even some buttons from WalMart that were clear with glitter in them.

craft materials

I also chose to use clear glue instead of regular Elmer’s even though that dries clear as well.  I had thought about adding a bit of glitter to the clear glue, then totally forgot about it when I was gathering my materials.

sun catcher

I covered the acrylic frame piece with the clear glue and let Parker go to work.  We still need to sit behind him in case he decides to turn his art materials into projectiles, but the actual work is done by him.

Making a sensory sun catcher

It was super easy to put together and looks pretty incredible now that it’s finished.  It did take a good 24 hours to dry, but that was no biggie.  Because the acrylic frame piece is pretty thick it will sit in a window sill easily by itself, or I could have drilled a hole in it before Parker began gluing on his jewels.

montessori based art project

Trying to get this kid to smile at the camera anymore is dang near impossible.

Mosaic suncatcher craft

I think our Montessori Inspired Christmas Suncatcher turned out pretty great, don’t you.  It’s even more beautiful now that it’s dry and I can put it in a window sill to let the light shine through!

What kind of crafts are you doing with your kids this Christmas?

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