Montessori inspired activities to do at home

I love creating Montessori inspired activities to do at home.

I try to keep my eyes open through out the year and think outside the box for things I can use to help Parker make his way up the Sensory Pyramid.

Some of my recent Walmart purchases include:

Bubble Wands from WalMart



.99 Bubbles.    1. Bubbles are great for getting a kid to pucker his lips for a ‘kiss’ as he is learning how to  blow them off the wand.  2. Bubbles are great for eye tracking and eye hand co-ordination.  3. With all of these different colors I no longer allow Parker to simply sign ‘bubbles, please’………he has to sign ‘pink bubbles, please’….or ‘yellow bubbles please.  heh. 4.  The sensory input/cause and effect information he receives when he uses a body part to pop a bubble.


Ikea bowel being used for sorting


I found these tiny sensory balls at Walmart.  Used with the .99 cent bowls I picked up at Ikea while shopping with my oldest daughter I now have a matching activity that also provide sensory input.  Parker loves to toss these into larger containers too.

Easter baskets from Walmart


The plastic Easter baskets in various Spring colors were .99 cents each.  We’re matching Easter eggs to color of baskets……..and…….

Sensory and Learning Activities from Walmart



we are matching the amount of eggs to the number in the Easter basket.Why settle for just one activity when you can think outside the box and use the same stuff for many different learning experiences?

Mardi Gras beads to reinforce learning


Mardi Gras beads are a HUGE motivator for Parker.  He knows that if he completes the task before him he’ll get some Mardi Gras bead time.  I find these at Walmart in all different colors and to match the holidays.

Heart shaped sorting containers from Target


While not from Walmart, these heart shaped containers I snagged after Valentine’s day from Target get used all the time.  From shape reviews, to sorting, to counting, these containers have more than paid for the .99 cents each I put out for them.  Here we’re using them with Parker’s Lima Beans we colored.

See how easy it is to create Montessori inspired activities at home?  Or, you can always come here and use our ideas or follow us on Pinterest for even more ideas!

What about you?  Are you a Target Dollar Bin fanatic?   A loyal after the holiday shopper?  Yard sale eagle eye?  Where do YOU find your best bling to create  Montessori based learning supplies for cheap?

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