Mommy Guilt: Special Needs Style

I opened an email today from a very broken hearted Mama of a child with special needs.

She talked about another son and their discovery of an orthopedic issue.

She expressed her sadness that perhaps in her concern for her child with special needs and all of his therapies, she had let her typical son’s needs go unnoticed.

There’s nothing in the world like Mommy Guilt:  Special Needs Style.

Something about this type of guilt that absolutely refuses to accept any kind of logic what so ever.

No matter how many people tell you that you can only do what you can do, you still lie in bed at night awash in the ‘what ifs’.

Or maybe that’s just me?

Often so many of us who parent kids with special needs have giant decisions to make in regards to our children’s health.

That’s when the guilt before the fact starts up.

What?  You’ve never felt guilty about the possibility of making the wrong decision?

I think those of us in the special needs community should create a ‘Get Out of Guilt Free’ card. Each time one of us feels guilty another of us could hand them that pass.

And maybe a giant glass of Diet Coke over ice.


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