Mom It Forward: A Place to Advocate for Your Kid and Maybe Even Change the World

I’ve written about Mom It Forward before.

It a place that’s Changing The World One Mom at a Time.

Even special needs moms.

Yup. We were given our own thread over at the MIF forums. No longer are we lost in the sea of typical parenting.

Jyl, the founder of Mom it Forward, recognized that it truly is time to take special needs out of the niche and put it mainstream.

But here’s the deal.

That special needs forum gets a lot of attention. And not just from parents of kids with special needs. But of parents of typical kids too.

It’s the PERFECT place to give someone who has had no experience with special needs a little bit of insight along with some inspiration to close that damn chasm between ‘normal’ and ‘different’.

It’s a place to show that sincerity is more important than being politically correct.

I believe that there are a lot of parents out there who would love to ask a whole bunch of questions about what it is like to raise a kid with special needs. But they don’t want to offend or embarrass or whatever.

Think back to the days before you had a kid with special needs.

And another thing.

Big Brands hang out over at the Mom It Forward Forums. How many times have you wondered why in the h*ll GAP, or Nintendo, or Fisher Price don’t have kids with disabilities in their advertising?

I mean really, doesn’t our dollar spend just as well as the dollar of a typical parent? Shouldn’t our kids be represented too?

A vibrant, thriving special needs thread is sure to catch the eye of the Big Brand reps.

Especially if we start a thread entitled something like…..”Why the Hell are Big Brands so Afraid of Special Needs?”



You can also add a picture of your child to our rotating picture album. I included pics of Parker’s vent, and oxygen concentrator too. It’s part of this Mama’s daily life. You could add pictures of what are parts of YOUR child’s daily life. And a picture or 20 would be wonderful as well. hint. hint.

You could even take a moment to make a difference in the life of a family who’s child has just received a new diagnosis.

I know what you are thinking. It’s. one. more. thing.

But I humbly ask: How many times do you update your Facebook status, or Tweet a day. And how many of those that follow you are other Moms of kids with special needs.

We have a chance here to get the attention of a community that often times, for whatever reasons, seem to shy away from us.

We have a chance to make a real difference. For the same time it takes to Tweet or update a Facebook status.

So, I’m asking you to join me in my quest to take Special Needs from Niche to Mainstream.

(Yes, you do have to register for the forums. It’s painless. Just go to the MIF Forums page. At the top of the page at the right hand side there will be a link that reads REGISTER. Easy.)

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