Moblie Mayhem

ONLY in the Lord,it shall be said of me, are righteousness and STRENGTH~

It used to be that you could always find Parker by following the oxygen tubing; a straight line from the source to our Brave Hero.

Not so much anymore.

Now you just follow the mayhem to discover the Hero’s whereabouts.


No closets or drawers are safe from THIS little guy.


All your stuff pulled off of the cabinets and desks?  Oh, yeah.  Guess who’s been there?


What’s that?  A little face smushed up against the fingerprint covered glass? Begging to go ‘outside’?

Bingo! You’ve found our jackpot!


Yup, there used to be a time when you could find this kid simply by following the oxygen tubing.  These days though the green ‘bowtie’ at the last of the tubing is most likely to be a dead end.

Because it cramps his speed, the Brave Hero ditches the O2 every other minute or two.  And when he’s really on a rip, he’ll walk right over and turn off his oxygen concentrator just for good measure.

That’s right.  He’ll WALK right over and express his opinion as to being tethered to that machine.


There was once a time when we didn’t know whether Parker would ever have the health or strength to walk around and make the kind of messes his older brothers and sisters did.   But it looks as though our prayers have been answered.

Mobile Mayhem.  That’s what this kid has turned into.

Ain’t it grand?


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