When Parker woke up this morning he was a wildman. Biting, scratching and just in so much pain. His sats were low. He has some stuff in his chest that we can’t seem to get to break up. And coughing for him is just misery.

They were able to come up with a pain medication cocktail that worked……….for a while. Then he woke up this afternoon and after about an hour he was biting and scratching and trying to throw himself against the bars of his crib. They gave him the cocktail again. But this time it didn’t kick in. He finally had to be given a dose of phenobarbitol (sp) to calm him down.

Parker went through this same thing after he was trached. For days he was angry and in pain. I was concerned about the amount of drugs it was taking to calm him then and tried to make it as much as possible without them.

This time I’m going with the drugs. I can’t tell how much is pain and I can’t tell how much is frustration……….and absolute anger.

But this kid NEVER lashes out at himself or others unless it is after a surgery. And it is soo incredibly important that we make sure that he doesn’t rip out his stitches from his hernia repair or his new tush.

The surgeon told us that Parker would be in major pain for several days after this surgery. It simply breaks my heart.

He is FINALLY asleep after a couple of hours of being in misery. I just want to pick him up and run.

I am grateful for AMAZING nurses his go around. And an awesome RT. They make all the difference in the world.


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